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Caminos del corazón

Corbí interesa en este trabajo en como indagar la dimensión absoluta de la realidad con el sentir y en el sentir humano. Lo hace introduciéndose en tres obras de tres maestros: el persa Rumi, el chino Mazu y el indio Ramana que pertenecen a tres tradiciones espirituales muy diferentes sufismo dentro del Islam, budismo Chan, y al Vedanta Advaita dentro del hinduismo respectivamente. Su interés es indagar la vía del adentrarse en la dimensión absoluta de la realidad en el sentir mismo. Una propuesta que hacen los tres autores desde diferentes enfoques, y que Corbí la encuentra de gran belleza.
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Amazing day-after coronavirus disease global crisis

For a long time, institutions do not properly work as well as citizens are deeply upset and annoyed with these institutions. They are looking for a real change in society which will be able to fix this sort of things which do not properly work. Tings must be changed. It has been a long time, since the option for the Knowledge Society (KS) is not only an option. It is the real way which must be followed. This KS is absolutely unavoidable. It is already going on in several fields. This option for the KS should be more logically hierarchical with any of the contradictions that a heartless and exploiting capitalism handles all the potentiality of technosciences as well as the huge possibilities foreseen because of them. It seems that the severe health crisis after the coronavirus pandemic and all its effects might be the suitable instance to drive definitely society from an exploiter capitalism industrial society into a consistently one structured on a knowledge basis. Every kind of dismantling which will undoubtedly follow the coronavirus may be the chance to get the big social transformation. On the other hand, it might be a missed occasion, and all the efforts would be focused on re-setting the way of life destroyed by the coronavirus, as we have seen it happened several times before.
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