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A revival of Religions?

Published in La Vanguardia, April 20th, 2006Intervention by Marià Corbí in the discussion: A revival of religions?Translation by Susana MateIt is being said that religions have regained their appeal. Is it true that they are again fascinating people? In our…

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  Mariano CorbíIn new societies, where economic success is linked to scientific and technical innovation capacity, as much for goods as for services, and therefore to the ability to change organizing and axiological patterns, the fixed ways of thinking, judging,…

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Secular mysticism

  Marià CorbíCentre Unesco de Catalunya. On Mystics: A congress. Barcelona, June 2001(Each participant was asked to introduce himself in connection to the subject, his personal stand point on spirituality) My intellectual research and my inner path have blended and…

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